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Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH is not liable for direct or indirect consequential damages, loss of data, loss of earnings, system or production failures which arise from use of the internet side, or from downloading information. If damage occurs from the use of the internet side, downloading data or gross negligence, the non-liability clause is void. Any disputes or claims arising from use of the Internet side will come under the jurisdiction of the legal domicile of Getron Lichttechnolgie GmbH in Brilon.

Addition to Data Protection

In general, it is possible to use all of the Getron Lichttechnolgie GmbH Internet site without giving personal details. If personal information is necessary, you will be informed, and this will be used to simplify and improve the service of Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH. When you decide to give Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH personal details over the Internet to enable correspondence etc. to take place, or an order to be placed, this will be dealt with under the strictest security rules, as laid down by the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). By using the internet site, Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH receives useful information which is stored and provides information such as IP address, time, date and which sides were looked at. This information is from Getron Lichttechnolgie analysed, and used for a customer statistic data base. Naturally, the high standards laid down by the Telephone Data Safety Act (TDDSG) and the Data Protection Regulations for Telecommunications Companies (TDSV) are observed to the full. No personal data on an individual will be stored. The anonymity of all statistics used is guaranteed.
Further information to the subject Data protection in The Federal Republic of Germany, can be found in under

Passing personal information to a third party

If information used during processing an order is given to a service provider, this falls under the BDSG regulations, all other relevant regulations, as well as the private information policy of Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH. As far as Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH is obliged, whether by law or a court order, the required information will be passed on to the authorised office. For other purposes, Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH will not give personal details to a third person without your express permission.


When asked, Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH will not give your personal data to a third person, and if desired, erase the data from the files. Data necessary for commercial use, and to complete transactions will not be affected. Please understand that if the cancellation policy is used, the personal details are necessary.

Cancellation Policy

When asked, Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH will not give your personal data to a third person, and if desired, erase the data from the files. Data necessary for commercial use, and to complete transactions will not be affected. Please understand that if the cancellation policy is used, the personal details are necessary.

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Getron Lichttechnologie GmbH, uses cookies only when they are absolutely necessary to help the user, for example, navigating the website. This information will not be given to a third party, and will only be used for tasks such as the example shown above. The bulk of browsers are programmed to accept cookies automatically. This function can be deactivated at any time. Naturally, you can program your browser to give notification as soon as cookies are sent.

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